RP Abrasives – Metal Finishing Experts

R P Abrasives or RPA is an ISO 9001:2008 certified job shop that helps its customers to meet the surface and metal finishing requirements noted on their prints that cannot be achieved by machining alone.

RPA provides mechanical surface finishes on metals from aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, steels & zinc as well as all types of plastics from acrylic to Ultem. RPA also can passivate stainless steel and titanium with a citric acid passivation process that meets ASTM 967, AMS 2700 specifications and is both RoHS & RoHS 2 compliant.

The mechanical finishing services that RPA can provide include; vibratory tumbling services, bead blasting services, shot blasting services, high energy tumbling or harperizing, mass finishing services, polishing services, buffing services, brushed, and deburred or any combination of these to achieve the final finish needed.

Because RPA does nothing but finish parts we have invested in the equipment and personnel to do only finish work. In other words we do not MACHINE parts, and this means we can concentrate entirely on the finish requirements. Some of our customers do have the ability to deburr or finish their own parts, but this can take valuable machine time or require labor hours that pull resources from machining, and because finishing is all we do the cost to finish with RPA is often less than if the customer did so in house.

So for your next metal finishing or passivation job contact RPA for a quote. Quotes, as well as samples are always done free of charge.